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Cougar Commercial Garage Door Replacement

From removal to installation – for storefronts, brewpubs, freight distribution centers, and more – Lewis River Doors provides everything your business needs when it comes to Cougar commercial garage door replacement. Locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing high quality products at competitive prices along with personal, professional service. For questions or to get in touch, click or tap below.

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Experienced Commercial Garage Door Replacement Services for Cougar, Washington

Regardless of the specific business type, the appearance and performance of a commercial garage door makes a difference in the image and smooth operation of a company. When you hire Lewis River Doors, you can rest assured that when we are done you will have a smoothly operating, great looking overhead door that will last for years – with minimal disruption to your operations. And you can know that we will be around to service your door to make sure it continues to work the way you need.

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Lewis River Doors provides Cougar commercial garage door replacement Lewis River Doors provides Cougar commercial garage door replacement Lewis River Doors provides Cougar commercial garage door replacement

Commercial Overhead Door Options for Cougar Businesses

Below is a primer on several of the basic kinds of commercial garage door available through Wayne Dalton, the preferred commercial overhead door provider for Lewis River Doors.

Solid Commercial Garage Doors

If you don’t need the style or appearance of framed glass, we can provide high quality, solid garage doors made with a range of materials, insulation capacities, and opening mechanisms. Contact us to learn what your options are.

Lewis River Doors does commercial garage door replacement for Cougar

Commercial Full Glass, Aluminum Frame Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton offers a full line of aluminum framed, full glass commercial garage doors which can be a great addition to the appearance of any business either as a retractable storefront or to create separated spaces indoors. The glass comes with many options for obscuration, and there are several choices for the frame color. Or choose opaque polycarbonate instead of glass. Download the brochures below for more information.

Don’t see what you’re thinking of? Want someone to help make sure you get what you need? Reach out to start the conversation.

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Garage Door Replacement for All Kinds of Businesses in Cougar, Washington

Do you need overhead doors replaced at a large freight distribution center? A storefront door that can be rolled up on a summer day? An interior partition that can be raised or lowered as needed? No matter if your application is small or big – industrial scale or for a family business – we are happy to help you with your garage door replacement. As a local Cougar business, we believe in providing strong customer service to be the greatest possible help to all our clients. To discuss your commercial garage door needs, get in touch today.

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Why Lewis River Doors for Commercial Replacement

You have choices when it comes to Cougar commercial garage door replacement. What makes Lewis River Doors the company you want to go with?


With over 20 years of hands-on experience replacing commercial garage doors in Cougar, Washington, the team at Lewis River Doors knows what it takes to get the results our clients want quickly. We strive to cause minimal disruption to your operations.


We are often called in to take on the jobs other Cougar garage door service companies won’t. Our technicians know how to adapt to the needs of our vancouver commercial garage door replacement clients regardless of size, cost, or special job requirements. We have what it takes to meet the requirements of all install jobs.


We provide one of the best warranties in the commercial overhead door business. We stand by our work with personal, responsive service. Check out our warranty for more information.

24-Hour Emergency Service, We’ll Answer the Call.


What Our Customers Say about Us

  • We worked with Lewis River Doors, they are amazing! Very communicative and organized!! They provided exactly what i envisioned, even altering a few things for me after installation!! Could not recommend more! They also were super prompt at finishing the job!! - Kelsey Rutter
  • ...quick, professional, and expert in all things garage door. ...didn't try to upsell or get us to buy unneeded services. ...reused the metal wires already in place, although it looked frayed to us. He dusted it off and showed us that it was still in good shape. It's refreshing to have [this company] as our go-to guy for garage doors not too far from our neck of the woods. - Angie's List Review
  • Our garage door opener is 25 years old and he keeps tweaking it rather than selling us a new door opener as many others would. When it is our error, he hasn't even charged us for the visit. What a guy. He always shows up promptly. This is the way businesses should be run. - Jim B
  • I have been using Ryan of Lewis River Doors for over 10 years now he is professional and knowledgeable on all my garage door problems I have called Ryan multiple times for broken garage door springs he responds quickly to fix the issue's I recommend and would call Ryan of Lewis River Doors for all your garage door needs. - Tom T

Cougar Commercial Garage Door Replacement Q&A

How much does commercial garage door replacement cost?

On top of the cost for parts, we charge a fee for our technicians’ labor. This cost depends on the size and complexity of the job. For an estimate based on your specific job, contact us to arrange an estimate.

What’s included in garage door replacement?
  • Site prep
  • Removal
  • Disposal
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cleanup

Aside from cleaning out the garage space beforehand, we take care of it all. We take care of it all so that you can focus on running your company without interruption.

What is the best garage door for my commercial context?

There is no one correct answer. For commercial overhead doors, factors such as

  • Appearance
  • Insulation capacity
  • Weather resilience
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Size
  • Cost

Will likely play the biggest role in making your decision. We will help you make the best choice for your commercial garage door needs.

Why go with a local commercial garage door replacement company?

It may be attractive to go with a national home improvement company that does garage door replacement. Choosing a local company has several advantages, three of the most important being stronger, personal customer service, accountability, and keeping money local in the local economy.

Even though we are a local garage door services company, with our team members’ decades of combined experience, we can handle any job despite large or small size and complexity – including many commercial situations even the bigger companies will avoid.

How long does it take to replace a commercial garage door?

While there will be some variation, it should take about a day to install a single commercial garage door if everything in your space is in good order. We can give you an idea of how long it should take to complete our work before we begin the job.

Will Lewis River Doors be able to provide regular maintenance for our company’s new overhead doors?

We stand by our work – if we install a garage door for your business, you can know that we will be there to service the door to keep it in perfectly working order.

Lewis River Doors is a Cougar Commercial Garage Door Replacement Company