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Heisson Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors are usually reliable, but ensuring that your overhead doors are regularly and professionally maintained provides the assurance that malfunctioning equipment won’t get in the way. If you are in a commercial or residential situation where it is essential that your doors have minimal downtime, you may want to consider looking into a Heisson garage door maintenance package from Lewis River Doors.

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Residential and Commercial Heisson Garage Door Maintenance

Whether you are a residential client concerned to avoid costly repairs in the future or a manager of a freight distribution center with dozens of overhead doors under your care, Lewis River Doors is a company you can trust for quality, detail-oriented maintenance. We know what to look for to reduce the risk of your life stopping because your garage door did.

Lewis River Doors provides Heisson garage door maintenance service Lewis River Doors provides Heisson garage door maintenance service Lewis River Doors provides Heisson garage door maintenance service
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Common Overhead Door Parts and the Problems Associated with Them

It may be helpful for all prospective garage door maintenance customers to know what they’re protecting themselves from by providing for the regular maintenance of their overhead doors.

Torsion Springs

These springs are essential in assisting your garage door’s opening mechanism handle the weight of the door. Torsion springs are normally found at the top of the door itself, and are subject to breakage with time and use.

While springs are often not dealt with until they become a clear problem – that is, they break – a proper schedule of maintenance can avoid the downtime that comes with breakage by replacing them as they approach the end of their life cycle.

Opening Mechanisms

The opening mechanism of your door is what keeps your door moving. There are many styles of garage door opener out there, and they are susceptible to different problems making them more noisy, slower, or less smooth in their movement. Making sure that your garage door opener is always at its peak is a matter of staying on top of regular maintenance.

Track and Rollers

The track and rollers of your garage door are what keep it rolling. Regular cleaning and lubrication help keep it that way.

Safety Sensors

Sensors help make sure that your garage door doesn’t injure anyone in its opening and closing. For that reason, it’s important to make sure that it’s working all the time through regular garage door maintenance.

Drums and Cables

Working in conjunction with the coil springs, drums and cables assist in lifting your garage door smoothly and consistently. Cables in particular are vulnerable to fraying and breaking over time under their load. A trained Heisson garage door maintenance technician will be able to spot many issues with garage door drums and cables before they occur.


The seals around your overhead door prevent the elements from leaking in around the sides. Because of their job and exposure to the elements, seals require regular attention to make sure they continue to perform their role, protecting your garage or other space from the weather.

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Why Lewis River Doors for Heisson Garage Door Maintenance

You have choices when it comes to Heisson garage door maintenance. What makes Lewis River Doors the best company to choose?


With years of hands-on experience repairing commercial garage doors in Heisson, Washington, the team at Lewis River Doors knows what it takes to get the results our clients want. We know what to look for in maintaining a garage door and deliver on our commitment of keeping your door moving.


We are often called in to take on the jobs other garage door companies won’t touch. Our technicians know how to adapt to the needs of our Heisson garage door maintenance clients regardless of size, cost, or special job requirements.


We provide one of the best warranties in the overhead door business. We stand by our work with personal, consistent, responsive service. Check out our warranty information here to learn more.

Lewis River Doors provides Heisson garage door maintenance service Lewis River Doors provides Heisson garage door maintenance service Lewis River Doors provides Heisson garage door maintenance service
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What Our Customers Say about Us

  • We worked with Lewis River Doors, they are amazing! Very communicative and organized!! They provided exactly what i envisioned, even altering a few things for me after installation!! Could not recommend more! They also were super prompt at finishing the job!! - Kelsey Rutter
  • Our garage door opener is 25 years old and he keeps tweaking it rather than selling us a new door opener as many others would. When it is our error, he hasn't even charged us for the visit. What a guy. He always shows up promptly. This is the way businesses should be run. - Jim B
  • I dislike giving 5's unless they are earned. ... He earned it. From the time our old spring broke to having him totally install a new door was 4 days. Best part was, he came out and replaced the spring the very next day after it broke. After some negotiations, we decided to replace the door (a [sic] 18 year old door) and he didn't charge us for the replacement of the spring. Very fair price, very good customer service and we couldn't be happier. Well done - Darrell O

Heisson Garage Door Maintenance Q&A

What is included in a garage door maintenance package?

We tighten the system down, lubricate moving parts, and inspect for potential upcoming problems. Regular garage door maintenance helps to extend the life of your investment, in addition to avoiding headaches associated with repairs.

How often do garage doors need maintenance?

About once a year is often sufficient for residential customers. Commercial clients may benefit from more frequent service, as (1) it is likely more vital that their doors remain operational and (2) their garage doors are usually subject to more frequent use.

How much does it cost to service a garage door?

Our basic rates are very reasonable, in addition to any cost associated with parts that are found to need replacing. Contact us for details.

Lewis River Doors is a Heisson Garage Door Maintenance Company