Best garage door warranty in the business

Our Garage Door Services Warranty


Residential Springs: Lewis River Doors has a three-year warranty on spring replacements.  All residential springs will be covered against early spring breakage for three years. 

Commercial Springs:  LRD has a one-year warranty on industrial garage door springs.

Lifetime Warranty (resi only):  For as long as you own your home, this warranty will cover replacing the springs, and all hardware involved in the lifetime spring replacement.  *NOTE* WE DO NOT WANT TO BE MISLEADING! SPRINGS WILL NOT LAST FOREVER!  EVENTUALLY, LIFETIME SPRINGS WILL BREAK.  JUST, A VERY LONG TIME FROM NOW.  LIFETIME SPRINGS WILL LAST ROUGHLY 25,000 CYCLES.  DOES NOT COVER NOISE.  ALL DOORS WILL REQUIRE MAINTENANCE OR SERVICING, REGUARDLESS OF THE SPRINGS.


Lewis River Doors will honor all manufacturers warranties.  Labor will be assessed at time of install.  All warranty work will be performed by Lewis River Doors, or the warranty will be void.


Openers purchased elsewhere (Home Depot, Lowes, Sears), then installed by Lewis River Doors, will not be covered by Lewis River Doors, other than our personal guarantee that we will install it correctly.   The home owner will be responsible for diagnosing any issues, and tracking down parts, with the help of the manufacturer.  Contact info should be in the owner’s manual.    We would be happy to diagnose problems, or install any parts needed.  However, a service call would be appropriate.


All doors have a lifetime warranty against rust.  Coastal areas should use aluminum doors, or fiberglass doors.


Lewis River Doors will cover parts for three years on residential applications, and for one year on commercial applications.  Parts can be: cables, hinges, rollers, etc.  Springs are covered differently.  See Springs above.