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Longview Commercial Garage Door Repair

The smooth operation of your garage doors is essential to the smooth operation of your business. If your overhead doors are stuck, Lewis River Doors is standing by with Longview commercial garage door repair services to take care of the problem quickly and professionally so your customers stay happy. If you have a garage door emergency – or any problem with your company’s overhead doors – please give us a call!

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Lewis River Doors provides Longview commercial garage door repair Lewis River Doors provides Longview commercial garage door repair Lewis River Doors provides Longview commercial garage door repair

Common Overhead Door Parts and the Problems Associated with Them

As a whole, garage doors of all types are a very reliable system. But like everything else, parts break down and need to be replaced. Here are some of the commercial garage door parts that we find need to be repaired more frequently.

Torsion Springs

You will typically find springs at the top of your garage door. They are designed to be twisted in order to help the door smoothly open and close. Because they are under constant stress, garage door torsion springs can break, usually after around 10,000-25,000 cycles. Check out our Longview garage door spring repair page to learn more.

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Opening Mechanisms

Garage door openers comes in many shapes and sizes to fit the application. On their own, they have different parts that may fail and need to be repaired or replaced. Contact us to schedule an evaluation of your garage door opener problem, or visit our garage door opener repair page below for more information.

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The usual injury suffered by a garage door panel is a bump or dent from a collision. We may be able to repair the damage or replace the panel to get your door looking good as new.

Track and Rollers

Your garage door track and rollers are essential to the smooth, efficient operation of your overhead door system. If a roller is stuck or a part of your track is bent or broken, we can help.

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors ensure that your door doesn’t hurt anyone or any of your property or merchandise as it opens and closes. They will likely prevent your door from operating if they are malfunctioning. Contact us to get moving again.

Drums and Cables

Drums and cables work in conjunction with torsion springs to help lift and lower an overhead door smoothly. Cables are vulnerable to fraying and breaking with time, and are one of the parts of an overhead door that will need to be repaired on a more regular basis.


A garage door seal makes it so the elements cannot enter your commercial space ruining furniture, equipment, or merchandise. If your seal is old or has been ruined through an accident, we can help you replace it.

Lewis River Doors does commercial garage door repair for Longview
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Why Choose Lewis River Doors for Longview Commercial Garage Door Repair

You have options when it comes to Longview commercial garage door repair. What makes Lewis River Doors the company to choose when you need help?


With years of hands-on experience repairing commercial garage doors in Longview, Washington, the team at Lewis River Doors knows what it takes to get an overhead door up and running again quickly.


We are often called in to take on the jobs other Longview garage door service companies can’t or won’t. Our technicians know how to adapt to the needs of our Longview commercial garage door repair clients regardless of size or expertise required.


We provide one of the best warranties in the commercial overhead door business. We stand by our repair work with personal, responsive service. Check out our warranty for more information.

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What Our Customers Say about Us

  • We have used this company over the past few years. He is always professional and does an amazing job. This year we even had our shop bay door break, and he came out same day to fix it for us. Top notch company with great work and great people - Amanda Kennedy, Manager, Island Properties of Vancouver
  • I dislike giving 5's unless they are earned. ... He earned it. From the time our old spring broke to having him totally install a new door was 4 days. Best part was, he came out and replaced the spring the very next day after it broke. After some negotiations, we decided to replace the door (a [sic] 18 year old door) and he didn't charge us for the replacement of the spring. Very fair price, very good customer service and we couldn't be happier. Well done - Darrell O
  • It was pleasant to work with this company. The quality is very nice, highly recommended. The process was quick, easy and seamless, at least from my perspective!! Will definitely be using them for any custom garage service needed!! - Oleg Litvinov
  • It has been a pleasure to work with Lewis River Doors. The service is outstanding and pricing is very competitive. They’re response time is always very quick especially when we need it the most. - Mike
  • We worked with Lewis River Doors, they are amazing! Very communicative and organized!! They provided exactly what i envisioned, even altering a few things for me after installation!! Could not recommend more! They also were super prompt at finishing the job!! - Kelsey Rutter

Longview Commercial Garage Door Repair Q&A

How much does commercial garage door repair cost?

Costs will vary depending on the service and parts required. Our labor prices are competitively set, and we source high-quality parts from trusted vendors. Please contact us for an inspection and estimate.

Can a garage door be repaired?

Oftentimes it can, though some systems are worn out to the point where replacement will be required. A garage door system will typically last 10-15 years based on frequency of use and maintenance provided.

Can Lewis River Doors handle any commercial garage door repair situation?

Though we are a local garage door service company, we are set up with everything we need to handle commercial jobs big and small. Perhaps even more importantly, we have over 20 years of experience in providing garage door repair to commercial and residential clients. Our commercial clients trust us to be there to take care of them when there’s a problem. No matter the size of your operation or your needs, we can help.

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