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Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement

For many homes, the garage door is one of the features that grabs immediate attention even for those just driving by. Is yours in need of a change? Look no further than Lewis River Doors for your Washougal residential garage door installation needs. Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing high quality products at competitive prices and personalized service to ensure your satisfaction.

Other Common Reasons for Residential Garage Door Replacement

There are many reasons for garage door replacement, such as

  • Parts breaking which would be cost-prohibitive to fix
  • Accident rendering it unusable
  • Home remodels
  • Want to reduce noise
  • Need better insulating factor (R value)

Beyond professional installation, we will help you choose a new garage door system to meet your goals and stay within your budget. See below or reach out to start the conversation!

Experienced Residential Garage Door Replacement Services for Washougal, Washington

From removal and disposal to installation and fine-tuning, we take care of it all when it comes to garage door replacement – aside from cleaning out the garage to do the work. With over 20 years of experience in the garage door industry, it’s worth it to work with Washougal residential garage door installation experts like Lewis River Doors. You will save yourself time and possibly money in the process. We have:

  • Insight into what’s needed for your garage door replacement
  • Proper tools to do the job right the first time – no hassle on your end
  • Means to dispose of the old door, opener, and track
  • Connections to know where to get great products at fair prices

When you hire Lewis River Doors you can know that when we are done, you will have a smoothly operating, great looking overhead door that will last for many more years. And there’s no headache and no guesswork involved. Give us a call today to get started.

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Lewis River Doors Provides Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement Lewis River Doors Provides Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement Lewis River Doors Provides Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement

What Kind of Garage Door Replacement are You Looking For?

As a garage door replacement company, a big part of our job is to guide our Washougal clients through the myriad of overhead door options available for today’s homeowners. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – we’ll help you find the best replacement door for your home, shed, barn, or other residential structure. Below you’ll find a primer on several of the basic kinds of garage door available through Lewis River Doors.


These options feature traditional styling with many variations for a custom appearance. When you choose a classic option, you get

  • Stamped steel exterior garage door panels
  • Dozens of possible colors with optional durable powder coating
  • Insultation in varying thicknesses to achieve different insulation values
  • Special tones provide the appearance of wood
  • Solid doors or windows in different size options
  • Different grades of steel thickness and durability
  • A variety of glass obscuration options including designer patterns

Raised Panel

In this classic design, panels are stamped into the steel exterior so that the interior of the panel is pushed slightly forward relative to the plane of the door. The variation produces a slight depth to the door which gives an excellent, subtle visual effect.

Stamped Shaker

The shaker style features recessed panels which have more of a vertical orientation. This option gives you a different door than many of your neighbors while still being of a timeless design.

Click below to learn more about the classic Timeless Collection of doors available through our preferred supplier: C.H.I. Overhead Doors.


For a traditional look, carriage doors are a popular choice. Crafted in stamped steel, fiberglass, real wood, or other durable materials with many different variations on the theme, you are sure to find the right door for your garage. These doors feature:

  • The appearance of an old-style door that operates with the ease of a modern garage door
  • Overlays made from fiberglass, stamped steel, polystyrene, polyurethane, and even real wood
  • Overlay-free, completely smooth options
  • Different styles of hardware
  • Dozens of design and color combinations for your door
  • Window and glass options achieve the privacy and appearance you’re going for

Click below to learn more about the Carriage Collection of doors available through our preferred supplier: C.H.I. Overhead Doors.


This style selection uses minimalism, wood grains, and geometric patterns to create a unique look that complements the architecture of your home.

  • The Sterling line from C.H.I. Overhead Doors is the ultimate in minimalist design, combining smooth steel with an arrangement of tinted infinity glass.
  • Wood tones and stamped textures give your garage door the appearance of a wall of wood planks
  • Solid, modern colors on simplified surfaces
  • Windows can be integrated in an array of patterns

Click below to learn more about the Contemporary Collection of doors available through C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

Full Glass, Aluminum Frame

Wayne Dalton offers a full line of aluminum framed, full glass garage doors which can be a great addition to the appearance of any home. The glass comes with many possibilities for obscuration, and there are several choices for frame colors. Or go with opaque polycarbonate instead of glass. Download the brochure below for more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Want someone to help guide you through it all? Reach out to start the conversation.

Lewis River Doors Provides Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement Lewis River Doors Provides Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement Lewis River Doors Provides Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement to Match Your Budget

Whether you are replacing a small overhead door in a shed or barn, or you’ve got a whole set of doors in various sizes that need to be swapped out, we will work hard to find a good option for you. As a local Washougal business, we believe in providing strong customer service so we can be the greatest possible help to all our clients.

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You can also visit the C.H.I. website to get an idea for what your Washougal residential garage door replacement could look like using the tool below:

plan your garage door

Why Lewis River Doors

You have a variety of choices when it comes to Washougal residential garage door replacement. So what makes Lewis River Doors the company you want to go with?


With over two decades of hands-on experience replacing residential garage doors in Washougal, Washington, the team at Lewis River Doors knows what it takes to get the results that our customers want.


Our customers frequently report that we take on the jobs others won’t touch. Our technicians know how to adapt to the needs of our Washougal garage door replacement clients regardless of size, cost, or special job requirements. We have what it takes to adjust to the requirements of all install jobs.


We offer one of the best warranties in the residential overhead door replacement profession. Check out our warranty page for more information.

What Our Customers Say about Us

  • Our garage door opener is 25 years old and he keeps tweaking it rather than selling us a new door opener as many others would. When it is our error, he hasn't even charged us for the visit. What a guy. He always shows up promptly. This is the way businesses should be run. - Jim B
  • I dislike giving 5's unless they are earned. ... He earned it. From the time our old spring broke to having him totally install a new door was 4 days. Best part was, he came out and replaced the spring the very next day after it broke. After some negotiations, we decided to replace the door (a [sic] 18 year old door) and he didn't charge us for the replacement of the spring. Very fair price, very good customer service and we couldn't be happier. Well done - Darrell O
  • ...quick, professional, and expert in all things garage door. ...didn't try to upsell or get us to buy unneeded services. ...reused the metal wires already in place, although it looked frayed to us. He dusted it off and showed us that it was still in good shape. It's refreshing to have [this company] as our go-to guy for garage doors not too far from our neck of the woods. - Angie's List Review
  • It has been a pleasure to work with Lewis River Doors. The service is outstanding and pricing is very competitive. They’re response time is always very quick especially when we need it the most. - Mike

Washougal Residential Garage Door Replacement Q&A

Is replacing a garage door a job I can do myself?

Just like any job around the house, technically you could replace a garage door by yourself with the right equipment. However, with the many details that go into replacing a door correctly – it is, after all, likely the largest moving piece of equipment you have in your home – making sure it is installed properly does matter. Not to mention the time and safety considerations surrounding the proper tensioning of garage door springs and other hardware. This is more than likely one of the jobs that you’ll want to hire a professional to handle.

How much does garage door replacement cost?

On top of the cost for disposal and new materials, we charge a fee for our technicians’ labor. This cost depends on the size and complexity of the job. For an estimate based on your specific project, contact us.

What’s included in garage door replacement?

Site prep, removal and disposal of old equipment, installation and troubleshooting of the garage door hardware, and cleanup. Aside from cleaning out the garage so our team can work, we take care of it all.

Can I replace a garage door without replacing the track?

Tracks are not necessarily interchangeable. To ensure longevity of the new product and a good seal against the elements, we recommend replacing the track when the door is changed. Customers also should consider that garage doors are sold as kits with opener and track included, and to buy just a new opener and door without the track will likely not save any money.

Why go with a local residential garage door replacement company?

It may be attractive to go with a national home improvement company that does garage door replacement. Choosing a local company has several advantages, but three of the most important are stronger customer service, accountability, and keeping local money in the local economy.

How long does it take a professional to replace a residential garage door?

While there will be some variation, it should take about a day to remove and install a single residential garage door if everything in your space is in good order. If you are concerned about time, we can give you an idea of how long it should take before we begin our work.

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